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    Whelped 28/12/01. Bred by D Rosenstreich

    Sire: NZ Ch Thasrite Red Rocket (imp Aus) (Rocket)

    Dam: Apex Sings the Blues ADX Adv Bronze (Kiri)


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    Buster age 5 yearsBuster age 5 years

    Buster age 12 monthsBuster is a white male with dark brindle patch on one side of his head. Normally white boxers are culled. My White Boxers page explains why. When Buster appeared in the early hours of the morning, with his patch signaling that he is not at high risk of deafness, I couldn't bring myself to cull yet another pup. I have since kept other white pups alive: Floyd and Paige and all are normal healthy happy boxers!

    Like all my white pups, Buster is neutered. Buster lives with the Peck family in Wellington in a busy household of children and other dogs. I got to catch up with him in March 2007 and he's a lovely BIG gentle boy (oversized like his mum!). There are some more photos of him at 5 years old on this page.

    Here's what Buster's family wrote about him after his 2nd birthday:
    "He has grown into a beautiful dog if that is the right adjective to use for a male.

    He's a great family dog and treats all the kids and Grahame for that matter as pack members, ensuring everyone has had a good wash regularly, pinning them down in the process.

    He has a wonderful bark on him which is not afraid to use when"unknowns" venture onto our property and his tail is lethal if you get in its way while he is wagging it.

    Buster age 4 weeksHe spends many hours sleeping on his beanbag, but if anyone should get out of bed for more than 15 seconds, he soon fills any space up.

    He loves trips in the car and if a door is left open he just hops in and waits (even if we weren't planning a trip out.

    Buster age 5 months He is such a delight that Grahame has decided if we ever get another dog (our labrador is now 12 and a half, and although doing well must be getting close to her maximum age) he wants another boxer - and this from the man who wasn't sure he would like a boxer. A confirmed convert."

    Buster age 7 weeksBuster in his second week