- -Double Digit Club Submission Guidelines- -
Any pedigree boxer (i.e. registered with a national kennel authority) anywhere in the world that has reached its 10th birthday is able to appear on the list. Please remember that this is a free service, maintained by a volunteer. Server space and time for revisions is limited. If you'd like the service to continue, then please take the time to follow the instructions carefully or your submission won't be added.

To add boxers to the list
  • submit via email - see guidelines for submissions via email below.

    TO ADD BOXERS TO THE LIST VIA EMAIL, please follow these steps carefully
    NB Please do not use all CAPITALS - copy the examples given.
    (you may like to copy and paste this into an email so that you can make sure you don't miss anything):
    (1) use email subject 'Boxer Double Digit Club'
    (2) for *each* dog you must include:
    NB Please check that your dog is not already in the list. If you are making changes rather than a new addition, please make this clear at the start of your email.
  • dog's full kennel club registered name, and any official titles
  • Abbreviate as much as possible, do NOT use all CAPS, eg "Am/Can Ch Supashowy Cantmove for Peanuts TT CGC"
  • date of birth
  • Please use ddMmmyy format with no spaces eg "23May96"
  • date of death
  • Please use ddMmmyy format with no spaces eg "2Dec06" or state 'still alive'
  • countries they lived/competed
  • eg "USA, Canada, UK"
  • your name
  • will be displayed as the person who is vouching for the accuracy of details. Needs to be individual, not a kennel or couple, eg "Paige Turner"
    (3) [optional] add link to dog's web page NOT main homepage
    (4) [optional] add photo Image MUST be jpg, no more than 100kb, & taken at age 10yr+. Use pedigree name as filename
    (5) [optional] add *brief* tribute/details must be less than 180 characters, incl. spaces, or will be discarded/edited. Hint: you don't need to mention age as the dates are displayed, eg "Lost to a brain tumour. Peenut was our fur daughter & big sis to Johnny. A great show dog, plus she gave us 10 beautiful pups & 12 yrs of joy. Missed always by Paige, Tom & Johnny" = 179 characters
    (6) SEND TO EMAIL ADDRESS displayed below ApexBoxers at Yahoo dot com - You won't get a reply unless there's a problem

    NB: If your dog doesn't appear on the site within 1 month, there is a problem - please contact me if this occurs
    Apex Boxers Email address