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Apex Blank Czech - 'Floyd'
NZKC #OB/5576 (Obedience/Agility Register)

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  • o11 months oldFloyd (p.k.a. Boris) from Rosie's Litter, lives with Liz and Clive and their family in Auckland.

    Floyd is a white boxer with a patch of red brindle on his head. He has one vivid blue eye and one brown eye.

    Some selected photos of him below; there's an 11 month old photo page; and there are other pages with photos of a younger Floyd.

    11 months old

    11 months old

    Age 5 months supervising Ethan's breakfast

    Age 12 months playing with Ethan

    Playing with a young friend (8 weeks old)

    Showing off his pretty face and that blue eye (7 weeks).