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    Gus at 21 months old Born 1st February 2006- Bred by Dr D. Rosenstreich. Owned by D Rosenstreich & Patrica Still
    Sire: Malhar Nickels 'n' Dime (imp UK) (Cash)

    Dam: Apex Lady in Red Apex Lady in Red ADX JDX SPDX GD ('Rosie' BAAD AAD)

    EXTENDED PEDIGREE (links to photos and further info for many relatives)

    Gus from Rosie's Litter, is a golden brindle dog (carrying a red gene). Both eyes are fully pigmented. Gus lives with Tricia, Troy and Maya

    *CONFORMATION*: Gus earned his championship title in Feb 2008. From limited showing, Gus's top achievements so far: Intermediate in Show, SI Boxer Club Championship Show SUNDAY 30th March 2008 - Judge: Mr Juan Manuel Martinez Perez (Boxers de Collserola - Spain); Reserve Best of Group, Best of Breed, Dog CC (GDKA 9/2/08 under Mr D Bowe of Australia); RBoB DCC (GDKA 10/2/08 under Mrs A Bowe of Australia); Best of Breed, Dog CC (SLKA 1/12/07 under Sandra Paterson from NSW); Reserve Best of Breed, Dog CC, Best Junior of Breed (Waimate 10/11/07); Best of Breed & CC (under judge L Lee), RCC (under Mrs Heasley), RCC (under Maureen Boyd) (Southland 4-5/11/07); Reserve Dog CC (13/10/07); Best of Breed, Best Dog, Dog CC, Junior of Breed (2/9/07 FPBS); Reserve Best of Breed, Dog CC (1/9/07 FPBS); Dog CC, PoB (4/11/06 SKA); RCC, PoB (5/11/06 SKA)

    Tricia with Gus in agility Dec 2007 *AGILITY*: Gus has started his agilty career with loads of enthusiasm, and is showing heaps of promise. There's a video of him in action.

    *HEALTH*: In August 2009 Gus was DNA tested for Degenerative Myelopathy and is clear. In August 2009 he was also DNA tested for ARVC and carries one copy of the gene (positive het). In January 2008 Gus was thyroid checked - T4 & TSH tests (normal), and his hips have been scored by the NZ Veterinary Association (better than breed average). In 2007 Gus had his heart checked by Richard Lucy (board certified cardiologist) and is clear of heart murmurs. Gus also got a perfect clear (zero VPCs) result on his first 24 hour heart monitor test!.

    *TEMPERAMENT*: Gus is a sweetheart and his 'mum' and 'dad, Tricia and Troy, are doing a great job of giving him a chance to be a real Boxer! He is being trained for agility and at age 13 months became a member of the Dunedin SPCA Dog Squad - a group that goes out to visit hospitals and hospices etc. His mum's report on his first two visits is below amongst some selected photos at various ages. I think Gus's great temperament shines through!

    *PHOTO PAGES*: Various movies of Gus | Head shots of Gus at 22 months | Gus at 8 months | Head shots of Gus at 6 months | Gus 3-5 months | Gus 6-9 weeks | Gus up to 5 weeks

    22 months old

    Tricia reports on when Gus joined the SPCA dog squad in March 2007 at age 13 months:

    "Gus did his first hospice visit with the SPCA dog squad the week before last. I met the lady who runs the squad at the hospice, having taken Gus for a good walk before hand to get rid of some puppy energy. Gus was initially a bit puzzled by the building, but soon made friends with the hospice staff and pranced around the place. He then went to the day room and lapped up the pats and attention from those unlucky enough to be staying there. He took a real shine to a couple of the old guys.

    After saying hello to everyone who wanted to meet him in the dayroom a staff member took us around to see the others in the individual rooms who wanted to meet him. One old guy was just great Gus walked into the room and his first words were ‘that’s what I call a real dog, not like the little yappy thing my wife has’! Gus sat by his bed with his paw sitting on the guy and lapped up some more attention.

    2 years old, at the Gore shows Feb 2008 On Wednesday Gus had his first visit to the children’s ward at the hospital with the dog squad and was a perfectly behaved wee man. He was not at all worried about the clunky old hospital lift, hardly batted an eyelid actually. He enjoyed the many interesting smells about the place along with plenty of (mostly) willing victims to lick. ...wasn’t fazed by a three year old girl running at him with arms in the air yelling ‘doggy doggy’, ...he stood happily to be patted by her and returned her friendly gesture with another lick. This girl, who was in the hospital playroom, was also armed with a bottle of glitter! Needless to say Gus sparkled his way around for the rest of the visit!"

    Gus at 16 months oldGus at 6 months old