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    Whelped 28/12/01. PEDIGREE Bred by D Rosenstreich

    Sire: NZ Ch Thasrite Red Rocket (imp Aus) (Rocket)

    Dam: Apex Sings the Blues ADX Adv Bronze (Kiri)

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    Buddy competing in agility, 2004**Latest news: We lost Buddy to a tumour on his heart, January 2013 :( RIP wonderful gentleman.

    Buddy lives with humans Allister and Claire, and assorted other animals on their alpaca farm, Alclair Alpacas.

    Buddy has fulfilled my expectations and is very much like his mum - a big strong (but elegant) boxer who is very laid back and keen to please. With excellent parenting from Claire and Allister, Buddy is very well behaved and even won a 1st place at his one and only obedience ribbon trial at the tender age of 8 months. Buddy is currently being trained in agility and flygility. His obsession with balls certainly helps - he's the only dog I know who carries three balls around in his mouth.Buddy at 15 months old with three balls in his mouth

    Here's what Buddy's mum, Claire has to say about him:

    "Well, what can we say? Buddy is an absolute character full of adorable charm and loads of fun. We are most impressed with his willingness to please which makes him relatively obedient (most of the time). He continues his obsession with balls, the more the better. Currently we have about 15 lying around the property in strategic places and he chooses his favourites for the day. Buddy also has a giant tennis ball, courtesy of his grandma (Daniela), and can still fit that and a normal size tennis ball in his mouth at the same time.

    Like most boxers Buddy is an over zealous guard dog. Of late he thinks he is the boss – you know that big headed, adolescent, boxer stage they go through. However, even with the scariest of barks he greets visitors, once on our property, like long lost friends and begs and grovels for a ball game. Kids are his favourites even though he hasn’t grown up with them. For them he will drop the ball at their feet, back off and wait for them to throw. If only he would do the same for us!

    Buddy with a flygility trophy, 2004

    His best achievement to date is a silver medal at the Masters Games in agility. The challenge of agility has been the best thing to happen to him. While he struggles with concentration in competitions we keep hanging in there. Our aim is that he lives up to his show name – Apex Red Ribbon!We are hoping flygility might be Buddy’s forte – balls, well what else would you expect...?"

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