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'Apex' is the registered kennel prefix of Dr Daniela Rosenstreich, New Zealand.

The beginning - Boxers

Fred, Kiri, Wilma in 1999My family acquired their first boxer at the start of the 1970's when I was a toddler. My father was a vet, and my mother Anna bred boxers under the Hexenhaus prefix in NZ and WA. My mother competed very successfully in breed shows and obedience competitions with her boxers (multiple Best in Specialty Shows, and she competed at Test C level - the highest - in obedience). My mother sadly passed away in 2008 and I can't begin to express how much I miss her. Growing up within an environment full of dog breeding, showing, working events and veterinary care gave me a wealth of knowledge and a great head start 

In January 1986 I got my first boxer of my own: Fratzi  who was a wonderful companion to me and a top show dog and producer. From Fratzi's last litter in 1990 I kept Freddy. I competed with Freddy in conformation and obedience with some success but I didn't end up being 100% satisfied about breeding on from Freddy and so in 1992 I brought home Wilma to be my new foundation bitch and I was so glad she was with me for almost 14 years. Her daughter, Kiri (born 1996) was part of our family for 13 years and a great agility dog Rosie, (Kiri's pup born 2001) continued great agility success, but sadly succumbed to cancer late in 2012. Some of Rosie's litter (in 2006) are co-owned by me and can be seen on this site.

In 2012 I purchased Lily - she was to be an agility girl and potentially future mum to Apex Babies. Unfortunately, she did not pass her health tests but continues to shine as a pet therapy dog and a fabulous member of our family.

Branching out - Border Terriers

I'm not prepared to compromise on health and temperament and so when there were no suitable Boxers available, we ended up bringing a crazy little Border Terrier, Barney, into our home in 2008.  The hardiness and personality of this breed captured our hearts. Ten years later, Barney is still the healthiest most entertaining dog we've ever lived with!  In 2017, we were lucky enough to bring Edda into our lives - another Border Terrier bred by the amazing Gaela Whyte of Bohunt fame.  

The Present

We currently have  one  boxer living with us - Lily, and our two Border Terriers, Barney & Edda. I did say we were very small scale! But of course all Apex pups remain part of our family, and you can see many of them on this site.