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Pedigree for 1996 Litter: Kiri, Cod, Jed, JoJo

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    Whelped 13/9/96. Bred by D Rosenstreich & J Mace.      Extended PEDIGREE (7 gen) also available

    ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grand ParentsGreat Great Grand ParentsGreat Great Great Grand Parents
       Ch Gremlin Summer StormGremlin Famous Footsteps
      Eng Ch Tyegarth Glenmorangie of Jenroy Gremlin Mere Magic
       Tyegarth Old FashionedTyegarth The Tattler
     Jenroy Glenbernie (imp UK)  Tyegarth Witches brew
        Ch Steynmere Night Rider Aust Ch Thatís Right Of Panfield SOM
      Jenroy Night In White Satin  Eng Ch Kalendars Gold Mink Of Steynmere
    SIRE:  Jenroy Hard Daze NightJenroy Knight and Daze
    BISS Ch Eischied Blues Brother   Tantalus of Jenroy
       Eng Ch Tyegarth Glenmorangie of JenroyCh Gremlin Summer Storm
       Aust/NZ Ch Winuwuk Up n Away At Chelveston (Imp UK) Tyegarth Old Fashioned
       Golden Delicious of WinuwukCh Kinbra Uncle Sam of Winuwuk
     BISS Eischied Rhyme N Reason  Winuwuk Good as Gold
       NZ Ch Tyegarth Johnny Walker (Imp UK)Tyegarth the real McCoy
      Eischied Rhythm N Blues  Tyegarth Angostura
       Eischied Super Brat
         Ch Eischied Foxy Dame
        NZ Ch Tyegarth Johnny Walker (Imp UK) Tyegarth the Real McCoy
      Assisi Rory Rhubarb   Tyegarth Angostura
       Halesia Unique FancyAust/NZ Ch Assisi Summer Splurge
     Eischied What The Hell  NZ CH Assisi Trick or Treat
       Aust/NZ Ch Assisi Summer SplurgeNZ Ch Gremlin Summer Spree (Imp UK)
      Ch Eischied Forever Free   Ch Assisi Hey Nice Notion
    DAM:   Ch Eischied Slick Chick Ch Gremlin Hey Pronto (imp UK)
    Eischied Wilemina    Assisi Touch O Nonsense
        NZ Ch Tyegarth Johnny Walker (Imp UK) Tyegarth the Real McCoy
       Aust Ch Eischied KZ Seven (Imp NZ)   Tyegarth Angostura
        Eischied Ever Lovin Aust/NZ Ch Assisi Summer Splurge
     Baronburg Kiwi Magic (Imp Aust)  Ch Eischied Slick Chick
       Aust CH Glawmar Even Steven Ch Glawmar Ovation
       Aust Ch Glawmar Madonna Mia   Ch Assisi Hurricane Hannah
       Glawmar BernadetteAust Ch Another Spree Of Gremlin (Imp UK)
        Aust CH Glawmar Ragin' Gloss