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  • o Maisey at 4 weeks oldBorn 1st February 2006- Bred by D Rosenstreich
    Sire: Malhar Nickels 'n' Dime (imp UK) (Cash)

    Dam: Apex Lady in Red (Rosie)
    EXTENDED PEDIGREE (links to photos and further info for many relatives)

    Maisey (p.k.a. Meg) from Rosie's Litter died at 8 months old after ingesting 1080 poison (a chemical used for possum control that is very lethal to dogs). She was a beautiful girl and it was a horrible loss.

    Maisey had a great but short life with Carolyn, Elijah and Troy in Balclutha.

    PHOTOS: Maisey 3-5 months | Maisey 5-10 weeks | Maisey up to 5 weeks

    Maisey at 7 weeks old Maisey at 7 weeks old