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Apex Relatives: Malhar Boxers

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    Cash was the sire of Rosie's 2006 Litter. An EXTENDED PEDIGREE for the litter includes photos of many relatives. Some are gathered onto a Malhar Boxers page and below are some of Cash's relatives that don't appear in the litter pedigree.

    Cash's full (older) brother, Axel 'Malhar Pinstripes'

    Axel again

    Axel again

    Axel again

    Cash's dam Josie and his half-sister (Josie's daughter) Tasha: 'Malhar Wild Honey'

    Axel, Tasha, Josie

    Cash's uncle (Josie's brother) Bruno 'Malhar Golden Hero", Cash's grand niece (Tasha's daughter) Millie 'Malhar Midnight Rose', Josie, and Tasha.