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    Whelped 28/12/01. Bred by D Rosenstreich

    Sire: NZ Ch Thasrite Red Rocket (imp Aus) (Rocket)

    Dam: Apex Sings the Blues ADX Adv Silver(Kiri)

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    Redman at 4 years old Redman at 18 months old Redman at 18 months old

    Redman is a red male with very few white markings (just a little on his chin, chest, and toes). He was nicknamed Rover in his first days of life because he wandered off from Kiri and took his naps solo.

    Redman is now enjoying his life with humans Ed & Linda and some feline companionship. He enjoys helping with washing, and does a fine job of taking it off the line for his mum and dad.

    Redman at 5 months old Redman age 7 weeks Redman age 4 weeks Redman age 4 weeks Redman age 4 weeks
    Redman in his third week

    Redman had quite a unique personality in this litter. He was confident and adventurous but not as boisterous as Rosie, Buster, or Storm, and he could be quiet and seemingly thoughtful, but not as quiet as Buddy, and while he is affectionate, he seemed more independent than Mieke. He seemed like he might turn out to be a very easy going, easily pleased dog.

    Redman in his second weekIn his 2nd week of life Redman was one of the first pups to become aware of his surroundings. He enjoyed stumbling around the whelping box on his still unsteady legs. He seemed a very contented and peaceful pup. Some photos of Redman in his first week of life below:

    Redman in his first week Redman in his first week