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    PEDIGREE    Whelped 28/12/01. Bred by D Rosenstreich

    Sire: NZ Ch Thasrite Red Rocket (imp Aus) (Rocket)
    Dam: Apex Sings the Blues ADX Adv Bronze (Kiri)

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    Storm's head 2005 Storm's head 2005

    Storm in 2005 Storm is co-owned by Mannheim and Midgaards Boxers and lives with Shelley Pete & Jesse, and his daughter Rumour. Here's what Shelley has to say about Storm:

    "Well were do you begin about Storm!!! Firstly Storm is my fifth Boxer, and quite frankly I thought I had experience with all types of boxers, WRONG.

    Storm came like a calming velvet glove, that still brings tears to my eyes. It took only a second to fall in love with his gorgeous (fully pigmented) big brown eyes, and wonderful calm temperament as he just gassed at me , as if to say , "Wellington to Dunedin, no probs mate".

    On the way home he fell asleep and I couldn't help but get my daughter to poke him every now and then, just to make sure he was ok. The first night at home seen me very determined to let the new Boxer baby sleep by himself in the wash house, NOT, Storm was in bed with me within the first hour.

    Storm in 2005 As he grew (and boy he has grown) we soon discovered many wonderful and some not as wonderful habits that he has acquired, he LOVES cats so much so that as a puppy he had his own cat called Bruce , Bruce endured many daily baths ear nose and throat exams and just generally got carted around like the proverbial teddy.

    The first year raced by and for Storm he learnt early on that any strange noise, shadow, or maybe just an urge sometimes requires a bark that would send the willies up any intending intruder! He still likes to bark at the postie and protect HIS mail box, luckily we have moved and the mail box is well away from his very observant gaze. Storm has never been a jumper so we have been lucky in that aspect, not the same can be said for his daughter Rumour. There are so many stories I could share but if Daniela knew just how spoilt he is it might make her hair stand on end just JOKING !!!!YOU CAN NEVER SPOIL A BOXER ENOUGH!!!

    Storm has the most wonderful nature, he is loyal, loving and really wants to please, even though he has been totally spoilt by me he is not a spoilt brat. I am one of the luckiest people to get an Apex Boxer, as so much time and thought go into each litter, I cant thank Daniela enough for the most wonderful best mate Storm."

    Storm is a red & white male with fully pigmented eyes, and a lovely head with straight and close mouth. He was a slow maturer and had only limited showing. Photos of Storm at various ages below (run your mouse over the photo to see the age).

    Storm age 7 weeks Storm age 7 weeks Storm on left with Buddy, age 4 weeks Storm age 4 weeks Storm in his third week Storm in his first week